Monday, June 27, 2005

The end of a year...

I have just finished my third year at medical school and looking back on it the past twelve months has provided me with a number of firsts:

First time living away from home
First clinical year
First time playing with a university rugby team*
First time I have ended the year literally penniless

The past year has been exhausting - physically, mentally and emotionally - but, I wouldn't change a second of it. I built some great friendships, some less successful relationships and now feel like I am on the road to becoming a doctor.

The disparity between the pre-clinical and clinical years is difficult to put into words without losing its impact, so I won't - you'll just have to trust me. I can now draw on a wealth of first hand clinical knowledge and the prospect of having to treat sick people seems a little less daunting.

As the third year drew to an end I was filled with a lust for knowledge which I have not experienced before. In future posting I will write about my preparation for the coming year and my experiences both within and outside the hospital.

*those who know me would say this is untrue but in fairness the teams which I played with previously drafted me in as and when they needed me and I never really felt like part of the team (this isn't the start of a sob story - that ends here).