Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wheels in motion

I have started training again for the half marathon and its not going to be as easy as I expected. I'm basically back to square one feeling really unfit. On a positive, I have found someone who is as "fit" as I am and we're going to run together a couple times a week.

I've had a few people say that i'm looking a lot fitter in the past few weeks which is a real confidence boost. I've lost about a pound a week since being home and training properly and I expect the fat to drop off quicker now i'm running. I'm intending to drop another stone in fat and put on half a stone in muscle (if that makes sense), with the end result being a more toned, athletic me.

Depending on how that goes I may post pictures of myself - before and after (will wait and see...)

Something to get off my chest:

Women, if a few blokes are out in a club and look like big guys they are not always marines! I had one hell of a battle trying to convince a girl I was a doctor (ok, i extrapolated on the truth) and she came back with "you can't be, you're all really big - you must be marines"!!! No, we all play rugby and do weight training. Why does big = marine?

(sorry, needed to be said...)