Friday, December 30, 2005

Xmas Cheer?

After reading my friend mike's blog this afternoon I felt that I should make it clear that he is a bitter and twisted medical student of the mature variety and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of all medical students at christmas.

Sorry Mike. But just for you... Weebl!

Hope everyone has a great new year and, if i'm still able to do so (alcohol permitting), I will post again in the new year!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


As a reward for finishing/considering starting our recent assessment a few of us decided to see King Kong last night, and it was stunning!

In typical Peter Jackson style it was a three hour saga, but what have we come to expect from the big man? Unlike the LOTR films though, you don't get two hours into this film and start looking at your watch to see how much more of f**king Samwise Gamgee you have to endure.

A little slow to start, but once the ball got rolling it was never going to stop... destroying trees, buildings and people. Some very amusing moments where the cast and the CGI teams should be commended, and also a few tearful moments.

A great film, which I could watch over and over..

Thursday, December 01, 2005

An update...

So, as it has been a little while, I will give a brief run down on all the wonderful things I have seen.

Child Development
I spent time with the child development team assessing children for all manner of conditions and syndromes. I spent a couple hours pretending to be a monkey to see if autistic children could appreciate my "imaginative play". I don't know whether they could put I got a pat on the head for my ability to interact with paediatric patients.

Another week was spent at a stroke rehabilitation centre where I was asked by the consultant to see two of his patients - the first with physical impairment and the second with aphasia. The second of these proved a real test of both the patient and my own ability to communicate and (more importantly) our patience. This was a real eye opener for me and something I will give consideration to over the coming weeks.

I have only spent three days with oncology so far and this has been the best learning experience I have had since starting my clinical placements two years ago. I have improved my knowledge of cancer and its managment many times over and by the end of this three week block I intend to have a wroking knowledge of the oncological emergencies - spinal cord compression, etc.

I had previously never given consideration to a career in oncology and although I am still keen on my anaesthetics and respiratory medicine it is dfinitely an area of medicine I will keep in my "options bank".