Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Roll on weights training!

Over the past few weeks i've lost a reasonable amount of weight and have been quite happy with this, but now its time to start building up the muscle for beach season. In the last two weeks I've had two great deals: one nice york weight bench for £25, and york bench/weights/bars also for £25.

So I now have well over 100 kilos in cast iron weights to play around with and a friend of mine has taken some weights and a bench off my hands (he's not quite as big as me so doesn't need so much just yet... pm02rs for those who this means something too).

I've been given the challenge of benching 230lbs (105 kilos) by one of the guys my dad works with and so from tomorrow the race will be on... although it may be a very slow and arduous race. As well as this, with my new bars I can finally get back into my squats which I haven't been able to do properly for a few years.

Really looking forward to it. Before and after photos ETA July 2006...?


Anonymous Mike said...

Well done mate! I'm delighted for you ;)

Ray and myself also noticed the subtext you cleverly spun into the writing - most adept!

I was so impressed with this blog entry that it inspired one of my own, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it and will respond in kind.

All the best, Dale Winton

I am soooooo going to hell when I die... :)

6:37 AM  
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