Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If its not one thing...

So for a few very brief moments my life was pretty much calm and collected. No financial worries (for a few years), exam results were good, weather was great, and then... somewhere rea... drives into the back of me in a queue of traffic (I would have said "someone rear-ended me" but i'm sure mike would have turned that into a homo-erotic statement; the boy can't help it... its just the way he's programmed). So now I have the joy of (1) trying to get my car fixed, and (2) trying to get a courtesy car so that I can actually continue to live over the next few weeks (minimum).

Oh well, life goes on.

I've really enjoyed my weight training over the past few weeks and with the Rocky films being shown on television over the past few weeks I couldn't resist buying a punch bag to go in the gym/garage. Lots of fun, although I have to admit I didn't realise that there are "techniques" to hitting bags so you don't hurt yourself. Luckily I've a few friends who kickbox and used to box who have put me on the straight and narrow before I end up with broken fingers.

For once it seems that the start of our easter break and the good weather have coincided so for the last few days i've been going to the beach to do my revision which has been awesome. The only problem is that I now want an office with this view (see below) - fingers crossed.