Saturday, June 17, 2006

End of another year!

Our fourth year clinical finals happened on wednesday and friday of last week and (with the exception of a few formalities) concludes yet another year at medical school. In true medical student style we finished off the year with "pub golf" - which I won!!!

The next few weeks will be an interesting time as I should be getting things together for my elective in January but I am reluctant to do this as if (heaven forbid) I had to resit this year I stand to lose considerable sums of money. I'm going to have to sit on my hands as best I can...

With the academics done with for a few weeks I can also get back on track with my weights training which has had to tke a back seat to exam revision. It is my intention to lose about half a stone in fat and put back on a couple pounds of muscle before September and the new rugby season. To help with this I am also starting pre-season training next week as well as continuing with my boxing training. Roll on summer!