Friday, September 01, 2006

48 weeks and counting…

In a few days I return to university to start my fifth and final year of my medical degree. I have been looking forward to it as it means that I am only a few months away from finishing what seems to have taken me forever. Having said that, panic has also started to kick in as we are constantly sent emails on how long it will be until we have to apply for our first jobs, when we will be told where we will be working, and (most worryingly) how to appeal a decision!

This has been a great summer for preparing me for my fifth year as I have been writing formative assessment questions for students in lower year groups. I have been able to write questions based around the areas in which I am lacking medical knowledge and I am sure that this will prove to be of value in our assessments and certainly on the ward. I have also been working with two doctors who are undertaking posts in medical education, interestingly one as a senior house officer and the other an F2 doctor – essentially the same role but each training under a different career structure. It has been interesting to listen to their experiences and how best to cope with work on the wards and I will take their advice forward into this coming academic year and beyond.

This year I have five training blocks and my medical elective to carry out, alongside all the assessments which run throughout our medical degree.

My five training blocks are anaesthetics, haematology, respiratory medicine, colorectal surgery and general practice. I consider myself very lucky as I had put all these in my shortlist for placements I would like to undertake. Anaesthetics and respiratory medicine are careers I have given a great deal of consideration to, whilst haematology and colorectal surgery were placements I thoroughly enjoyed during my third and four year placements.

My medical elective is starting to take shape and this summer I have spent a great deal of time getting ‘jabbed’ and searching the internet for cheap flights and insurance, all of which are now sorted. It doesn’t seem at all long until I’ll be off to South Africa and I really can’t wait now.

I will be making more of an effort to keep this blog updated now as I have found out that a considerable number of people from all over the world seem to be logging in to see what I have been up to!


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Anonymous Medical Student Exams said...

So... how was the elective? And where are the updates now you have graduated... i take it successfully... as a doctor?

12:18 PM  

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